Crop Insurance

Our Mission

To provide farming operations in southern Minnesota, easy access to all available crop insurance options in a clear, understandable manner with unequaled service.

Ag information management is imperative in agriculture today. Every farming operation creates "point-of-origin" ag information about their crops, yields, environmental and conservation plans and much more. John Deere, particularly Ag Management Solutions (AMS), GreenStar and Apex systems, have been at the forefront of point-of-origin ag data collection. All this data can be used by the producer for reporting to a constantly growing list of programs and organizations. Most producers report acreage, type of crop, planting dates and harvested yields to government programs for program payments. Producers contracting their crops to feed-grade processors report acreage, type of crops, planting dates, management practices and yields, which enables food traceability from the seed to the shelf. A producers point-of-origin data is needed for increasingly rigorous conservation and environmental reporting requirements, which will include tracking of GMO and non-GMO crops. John Deere equipment and the GreenStar system play a major role in collecting all this data.

Today, point-of-origin data has to be gathered, processed and reported manually. Then it has to be reprocessed and reported again, over and over. Producers have a critical need for systems that make gathering,processing and reporting of ag data efficient, effective and simple. John Deere equipment is already the point-of-origin of all the information necessary for tracking, reporting and collecting the data in the field. It is a logical next step for John Deere to find ways to address these ag data reporting and processing needs.

Much of the data gathered for government programs and regulations is the same data required to obtain crop insurance. As a business, crop insurance fits perfectly within the wider arena of ag information management. When you process the crop insurance data gathered by John Deere equipment, you're also processing data that can be used to meet a full spectrum of reporting requirements.