How To Craft An All-Star Lawn


Transform Your Lawn Into A Major League Ballpark Lawn

With little extra effort, you can turn your lawn into a major league outdoor stadium lawn with stripes, diagonals or even a checkerboard pattern.

Your friends and neighbors will be impressed with your “cutting edge” prowess. To become a grounds-keeping guru, follow these tips from John Deere and other sources.

First, be patient. Don’t start mowing stripes until your grass is a bit longer. It is vital that the grass blades are long enough to bend. This is what creates that all-important contrast.

Grass that bends toward you is darker because you are looking at the narrower tips of the grass blades, which have a smaller reflective surface. Grass that bends away from you is lighter because the fatter part of the blade reflects more light.

For straight stripes, focus on an object in the distance and head toward it while driving. Do not focus a few feet ahead. That being said, curved stripes can also be fun. It all depends on the pattern for your yard.

At the end of a row, make a wide turn, then get into position to make a stripe in the opposite direction. Overlap the stripes a bit for a sharper edge. Remember: mistakes can always be covered up with a new stripe.

Experiment and be creative! Try making diamonds and zig-zag patterns. Overlay your stripes with more stripes at a right angle for a checkerboard pattern.

For a bolder contrast in your stripes, consider using a lawn roller (pulled behind your mower), which creates a bigger bend in the grass blades. Talk to your John Deere dealer about the best lawn striping system for your John Deere riding lawn mower or the mower deck on your compact utility tractor.

The Game-Changing Compact Utility Tractor

Of course, the most convenient way to make your major-league quality lawn stripes is with a John Deere 1 Family Compact Utility Tractor. The #1 selling subcompact tractor in America, the 1025R model is not only an All-Star stripe maker, but it is also a dynamo at tackling your hardest yard chores.

Recognized as a supremely capable and innovative subcompact tractor, the 1025R is a game changer. Tractor owners typically struggle with attaching implements -- but not with the 1025R. Tractor equipment and attachments are a breeze to change.

Seriously, you can hook-up the industry-exclusive AutoConnect™ Drive-Over Mower Deck in just 5 minutes -- no tools required! All you do is drive the 1025R over the mower deck, listen for the click of the Power Take-off connection, and you’re done. No struggling to align the deck, crawl under the tractor or install ramps. Removal is also a piece of cake.

Spend Lots Less Time Hooking Up: John Deere’s brilliant “iMatch™ Quick-Hitch” system revolutionizes attaching and removing major implements on your compact utility tractor. Not only does the versatile iMatch™ Quick-Hitch greatly simplify the process, but it was also designed to handle the increased lift capacity of John Deere high-performance tractors. With the 3-point tractor receiver hitch, the hitch is conveniently raised and lowered with the tractor hydraulic control lever.

Cutting grass is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the 1025R can do for you. With the appropriate implement (more than 200 are available!), you can dig up debris & haul it away, make post holes, pull stumps, shovel snow, dig trenches, spread fertilizer, grade roads, plant your crops, and much more.

One final (but vital) tip. Be sure to purchase your tractor from a dealership that is always there for you in the decades to come. With 22 locations in Minnesota (14), South Dakota (6) and Iowa (2), Kibble Equipment is one of John Deere’s largest dealers. Every location is staffed with talented John Deere Certified Technicians and stocked with extensive parts and attachments for your 1025R. Visit to find a store near you.