The Best Compact Utility Tractor

Country Sunsets 1025R 1 Family Compact Utility Tractor


Avoid The Anguish Of "Buyer’s Remorse"

"Buyer’s Remorse" is a documented psychological state that YOU might experience if you are buying something expensive. Basically, it is regretting a recently made purchase. People suffering from "Buyer’s Remorse" are increasingly uncomfortable with their decision. They complain of self-doubt, unease and even fear that this purchase will spoil their life forever.

Unfortunately, "Buyer’s Remorse" is not unusual. People might experience regret over relatively minor items, such as an entree choice at a restaurant. But more often, people agonize over a significant purchase. For example, a 2017 Trulia survey ( - a leading online real estate platform) revealed that 44% of Americans regret some aspect of their house purchase or the process of selecting their house.

How can you avoid the agony of "Buyer’s Remorse?"

Easy! Don’t be overwhelmed, toss in the towel or make a hasty decision on a major purchase. Instead, take the time to research your options. When you make an educated purchase, you’ll have nothing to regret.

Hands Down, The Best Compact Utility Tractor

If you are in the market for a compact utility tractor to handle your lawn mowing, shoveling, hauling, loading, grading, digging, planting, fertilizer spreading, trenching, disking and tilling, do your background research. This is a major purchase in a competitive field. You have several tractor options, which means "Buyer’s Remorse" is inevitable if you regret your purchase.

We’ve compared the John Deere/1 Family Compact Utility Tractor/1025R to its closest competitors (all come with diesel engine, 4WD, hydrostatic transmission and 3-point hitch). We believe the 1025R surpasses the competition, hands down. Here’s why:

  • The Industry Exclusive AutoConnect™ Drive-Over Mower Deck System is a game-changer. Just drive on top of the 1025R AutoConnect mower deck, listen for the click of the Power Take-off connection, and you’re done. No struggling to align the deck, crawl under the tractor or install ramps. Installing/removing the mower mid-mount attachment is a piece of cake.
  • A larger stance (9% more than Kubota® BX2680) and a 57-inch wheelbase provide a smoother ride and superior stability.
  • The Exclusive "Position Control Hitch" enables the driver to lower the implement to the same position every time. This must-have feature allows consistent hitch heights and depths for rear tillage. The competition has nothing like it.
  • Rear Backhoe Compatibility on any model at any time. Financially, this is a major plus. With John Deere, you can buy the backhoe attachment for your sub-compact utility tractor long after purchase. Other manufacturers mandate purchasing the rear backhoe immediately. It cannot be added later.
  • With "iMatch™ Quick Hitch" & the independent mower lift system drivers can easily hook-up implements, then leave the loader and rear implements on the tractor while mowing (not possible with Mahindra® eMax). In other words, you can switch from job-to-job seamlessly.
  • Quik-Park™ Loader (yet another industry exclusive!) gives the driver the ability to position the parking stand and remove/install the loader without tools or leaving the cab seat.
  • The impressively comfortable ride in the 1025R features a deluxe ergonomic suspension seat with back support and armrests, a tilt-steering wheel (not on Kubota or Mahindra), built-in toolbox, intuitive controls, standard fender lights for working after dusk, cruise control, and Twin Touch™ foot controls offering more room for big feet.
  • Get more work done in less time with a larger 60-inch 6-inch-depth mower deck, a bigger bucket than the competition, more loader lift capability and breakout force, plus the Quick-Change Bucket system on the 120R Loader. Reduce maintenance costs with the rugged rust-proof polymer hood and fenders.
  • Reliable & Professional Service: Finally, purchase your tractor from a dealership that is always there for you in the decades to come. With 22 locations in Minnesota (14), South Dakota (6) and Iowa (2), Kibble Equipment is one of John Deere’s largest dealers. Every location is staffed with talented John Deere Certified Technicians and stocked with extensive parts and attachments for your 1025R, visit to find a store near you.

Boasting exceptional performance, proven reliability and low maintenance, a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor is a superior investment that WON’T give you a case of "Buyer’s Remorse."