Garden Tractor for Sale in South Dakota

Building and maintaining the perfect yard these days requires more than a trusty push mower and shed full of old hand tools. Having a good mower is just the beginning, and with John Deere’s innovative designs, you can get a lawnmower with the ability to run a number of powerful implements that turns these lawnmowers into something more akin to a garden tractor. These powerful machines can tackle any garden project with ease. So if you’re looking for a garden tractor for sale in South Dakota, then swing by Kibble Equipment today and let us help you find the perfect model.

John Deere garden tractor

John Deere Garden Tractors in South Dakota

John Deere X700 Series

If you’re looking for a machine that servers as a true “garden tractor” then you’re looking for a John Deere X700 Series lawnmower. This versatile line of mowers offers an immense amount of power and wide mower decks, making them the premier riding mowers on the market. However, they’re more than just mowers. With a powerful PTO and optional category 0 or category 1 three-point hitches, they can also power a selection of lawn implements like tillers, snow blowers and box blades. This means you can spend your weekend tilling up a new flower bed, leveling a gravel drive and mowing around your water features, all with the same machine.

John Deere 1 Series Tractors

If you’d like to drop the pretense and just pick up a fully functional tractor for your garden, then look into the John Deere 1 Series sub-compact tractors. These tractors are super popular, owing to the fact that they’re not but a couple of inches longer than a standard riding mower. But it also features all the big things that make a tractor, like an independent PTO, 3 point hitch and robust hydraulic system. You’ll get the ability to run all sorts of power implements, like a front loader or rear backhoe. This will help you tackle all sorts of garden tasks like digging out landscaping features, moving mulch more quickly or smoothing walkways.

If you’re looking for a capable garden tractor, you have a few options available to you. Drop by your local Kibble Equipment in South Dakota today and let our staff help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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