John Deere 1 Series Tractor in Minnesota

Thanks to their simple functions, impressive features and versatile build, the John Deere 1 Series tractors will have no problem turning you into a weekend warrior. The economical 1023E and the premium 1025R each have different advantages that allow you to choose based on your needs. With multiple different implements offered for each model, you’ll be able to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

A John Deere 1025r Compact Tractor sitting in the front yard

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Is a 1 Series Tractor Right For Me?

With a wide range of options, choosing a tractor can be a little overwhelming. We know you live a busy life, so Kibble Equipment is here to provide accurate information and helpful guidance to make your choice simple. 

So, what are you wanting to get out of a tractor? A freshly-cut yard? Up-to-date landscaping? Simple maneuvering? Easy controls? A tractor that’s easy on the budget? If the answer to these is yes, the 1 Series tractors are the perfect candidate for becoming your right hand man.

Because of its small frame, these small tractors are easy to use and even easier to maintain. They make yard work a breeze, and they have just enough strength to get simple tasks done around your property. They deliver big results through a small solution. 
Still not sure? Call one of our experts here at Kibble Equipment and they’ll be happy to talk with you about which tractor is right for your needs and your property.

What Implements and Attachments Will I Need?

At Kibble Equipment here in Minnesota, we have plenty of attachments for sale that give you the chance to create an even more enhanced operating experience. The AutoConnect Mower Deck and the Quik-Knect features take away the hassle of connecting attachments so you can work effortlessly and efficiently. 

A 1 Series tractor plowing snow

Add a loader, backhoe and blade and take on various landscaping jobs, or just add a rear-mount grooming mower to keep your lawn finely manicured. A front loader, plow blade and rear-mounted snow blower also make a great option for the pesky winter months. All-in-all, the options are unlimited. Take a look at some of the John Deere implements and attachments to find a solution fit for you. 

Our team here in Minnesota wants to see you succeed out on your property. Stop by any of our locations to test drive a 1 Series tractor and learn more about what all it can do for you. Come drive with us!

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