John Deere 2032R for Sale in Minnesota

The John Deere 2032R is the ultimate 2 Series tractor for anyone who is serious about tackling big tasks and the most ambitious projects. There’s a perfect combination of power, size and versatility that makes the 2032R a not just an ideal compact tractor for homeowners but also a great addition to any professional landscaping fleet. If you’re looking for a John Deere 2032R for sale in Minnesota, then contact your local Kibble Equipment dealer today!

John Deere 2032R

John Deere 2032R for sale in Minnesota

The power of the John Deere 2032R starts with the 31 horsepower engine that provides just over 24 PTO horsepower. That’s enough to run some larger implements than you might think a compact tractor can handle, which opens up a lot of versatility for this tractor. This powerful engine is then paired with a 2 range hydrostatic transmission. This simple transmission allows you to concentrate on the work you’re doing, rather than worry about shifting and clutching. You change direction by just changing pedals, making the 2032R a great choice for doing loader work and any task that involves a frequent change of direction.

Further powering the John Deere 2032R is the 9.3 gallon-per-minute hydraulic system. This is almost 2.5 GPM capacity over the 2025R, which helps set the 2032R up as a serious powerhouse. This gives it the ability to run a front loader with a lift capacity of 1,120 pounds. And because, like all John Deere compact tractors, the hydraulic system features a dedicated power steering pump, you won’t see your steering performance dip under these heavy loads. You can expand this system with additional SCV kits, including mid and rear attachments like the Power Beyond Kit that attaches at the rear for implements with an open-center control valve.

The options are really what make the 2032R special. Starting with connectivity options, you can pick up the iMatch Quik-Hitch system. This easy attachment system automatically connects compatible rear-attaching implements in a matter of seconds. Similarly, the optional AutoConnect Drive-Over mower deck turns your tractor into a highly capable mower with an automatic lift system. Perhaps the most desirable option, however, is the factory-installed, fully-enclosed cab. We all know that Minnesota weather can be unpredictable, and the heated cab can handle cold, wet and windy days while you can beat the heat with removable doors and rear windows.

No matter what you’re looking to do, the John Deere 2032R can handle it. So come by your Missouri area Kibble Equipment today and check out our full stock of both new and used models.

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