John Deere 3D Series in Minnesota

The John Deere 3D series of tractors is the smallest line of compact tractors that offers a geared transmission. This makes it an ideal choice for producers who need a small tractor with robust hauling capacities, or for landowners who just prefer a more traditional tractor driving experience. In combination with everything else that the John Deere 3 Series has to offer, this makes the 3D a highly capable tractor. If you’re looking for a John Deere 3D Series tractor in Minnesota, then drop in to your local Kibble Equipment today!

John Deere 3D

John Deere 3D Series in Minnesota

Power To Spare

The John Deere 3D Series offers immense power with available 25, 35 and 43 horsepower engines. These engines offer 20, 30 and 38 PTO horsepower, respectively. This means the 3D Series can power a huge number of implements with ease. What sets the 3D Series apart from the competition, however, is the presence of an 8F/8R geared transmission. This combination of engine and transmission gives the John Deere a hauling capacity of over 4400 pounds, almost double what much of the competition can offer.

Comfort and Convenience

The power is just a starting point, however. Farmers are seeing longer and longer days and a useful utility tractor like the John Deere 3D will see considerable use. So they’re also designed to be comfortable and convenient to use. This includes features like a fender-mounted shift lever and a steering-column-mounted direction lever. This means you can control the 3D with a flick of the wrist or finger. You’ll also enjoy the extended service intervals and the onboard diagnostics that can help you keep track of service and maintenance schedules. 

Between offering incredible power, performance, comfort and convenience, the John Deere 3D Series tractor is the perfect option for anyone that needs a strong, small tractor. If you’d like to see what the 3D Series can bring to your operation, drop by any Minnesota Kibble Equipment location today!

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