John Deere 4066M for Sale in South Dakota

The John Deere 4066M is a no-nonsense, hard-charging utility tractor that combines all the best that John Deere has to offer. By offering the highest levels of performance and durability in a compact tractor, you’ll have the versatility you need to handle any project, no matter how large. And because the John Deere 4066M has many features that you’d only typically find in full-sized tractors, you can work confidently, knowing that it’ll pull hard for generations. If you’re looking for a John Deere 4066M for sale in South Dakota, drop by Kibble Equipment today!

John Deere 4066M

John Deere 4066m for sale in South Dakota


The 66 horsepower diesel engine is the most powerful engine you’ll find in a John Deere compact tractor and it provides an astounding 52 PTO horsepower. This is enough to power an incredible number of implements, large and small. And the built-in torque reserve is there to help you power through the toughest situations you might find yourself in. This engine is paired with the remarkable PowrReverser transmission. This transmission puts the direction change lever on the steering column and lets you change directions without having to work the clutch, meaning the 4066M excels in work that requires frequent and quick changes of direction.

Features Like The Big Boys

John Deere knows you don’t necessarily need things like a planetary final drive in your compact tractor. But that doesn't mean you wouldn’t benefit from one. Features like this and wet disc brakes are typically reserved for larger, more expensive tractors but the confidence they provide operators is invaluable, and the longevity they provide protects your investment over generations. By building these features into their smaller tractors, John Deere continues to prove that they lead the industry in innovation.

If you’re looking for a strong tractor that will last a lifetime, then there’s no better choice than the John Deere 4066M. Drop by your South Dakota Kibble Equipment today and take one for a test drive!

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