John Deere 5075E for Sale in South Dakota

Ready for farming to be made “E”asy? John Deere’s 5075E tractors were designed to do just that. At Kibble Equipment, we want you to have tractors you can rely on so you can put your energy toward your work for the day instead of worrying about tractor failures. Talk about a mood killer. John Deere’s 5075E tractors are mid-range tractors in the 5E series lineup, which makes them great for tackling a variety of tasks.

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John Deere 5075E

What’s to Love About John Deere 5075E Tractors?

  • PowerTechTM Engines - These turbocharged diesel engines have 3 cylinders. The engines are designed to be efficient and powerful while maintaining a relatively low noise level. The 3-cylinder engines have an operating speed of 2100 RPM and have 73 hp.
  • Comfort and Visibility - When equipped with climate-controlled cabs, you can power through the stifling heat of the summer and the crisp winter days. The cabs have both air conditioning and heat. By getting a cab on these tractors, you aren’t forfeiting the visibility you have with open stations. The windows in these cabs were designed to optimize your visibility while protecting you from the outdoor elements. The rear window even opens to expedite hooking up rear implements. To make these cabs even more enticing, the cabs are fully isolated which means you can enjoy a quiet ride that is free from most vibrations and rattles.
  • Affordable - The 5075E offers you everything you need in a tractor without having to pay for creature features you might not be interested in. Because these tractors are designed with only the essentials, they are one of the most affordable tractors in the 5 series lineup. Plus, when you buy your tractor through Kibble Equipment, you get a 5-Year/2,000-Hour Powertrain Warranty.
  • Easy Routine Maintenance - The radiator screen on these machines are easy to access and clean. All you have to do is open the hood and remove the screen while on the right-hand side of the tractor. The battery is also on the right-hand side under the foot platform where it is easy to service.
  • Built to Work - The operator stations on these tractors are designed to be easy to use and provide you with the space you need to effortlessly operate the tractor. The hand throttle is 12 inches closer to the operator than it was on previous models. The platform is wider and flatter than previous models, making it easier to navigate the foot pedals without getting tangled up. When equipped with the 540 economy PTO, you can get into nitty gritty jobs while maintaining a quiet working environment. These tractors are great for hay and cattle operations, as well as land maintenance.

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5075E Tractor

Do the John Deere 5075E tractors sound like what you are looking for in a tractor? If so, contact your Kibble Equipment dealership or swing by and our teams will help you get set up with your very own John Deere 5075E. If you still aren’t sure these tractors are what you want, contact us and explain what you are looking for. At Kibble Equipment, we are dedicated to providing you with what you need to be productive.

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