John Deere 7 Series Tractors in South Dakota

Increased productivity, ultimate comfort, and less downtime are just a few of the things John Deere’s 2021 7R series tractors have to offer you. With six dealerships in South Dakota, Kibble Equipment understands the drive and ambition of farmers in the area, and we are dedicated to providing them with equipment that can keep up. With up to 350 rated engine horsepower and the e23 PowerShift Transmission, the 7 Series tractors are made to work. Whether you grow corn, hay, or anything in between, John Deere’s 7 series tractors were made with you in mind.

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John Deere 7R series

What’s to Love?

Improved Cabs

With the 2021 7R series tractors there is more everything: headroom, storage, and doorway space. In fact, the doorways in these tractors are 25% larger than previous models. That’s a lot of room. There are three cab options for these tractors: Select, Premium, Ultimate. 

The Select package has a cloth seat with rotating capabilities (8° left-hand and 40° right-hand swivel) and mechanical controls to adjust the lumbar support and positioning of the seat. This package also includes a dual-tilt steering column for adjusting the angle of your steering wheel. The radio included in this package is AM/FM/WX as well as having Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs. The radio is business-band ready.

Select Cab Option

The Premium package has a cloth seat with rotating capabilities (25° left-hand and 40° right-hand swivel), pneumatic lumbar support and electronic controls. The radio in this package is a bit fancier than the one in the Select package. It is a 6.5-inch touch screen with XM capabilities and has 6 speakers with a subwoofer as well as being business band ready. These cabs are equipped with foot rests, a refrigerator, and a dual-tilt steering column. That’s right, you can literally prop your feet up, lean back, and have a cool beverage all from the comfort of your 7R series cab.

Premium Cab Option

The Ultimate package is exactly what it sounds like. It takes the already amazing Premium package and steps it up a notch. The seat in this package is as good as it gets. It is leather with pneumatic lumbar support and electronic controls. They are also, wait for it, heated and ventilated with adjustable bolsters and have a massage feature, and the seat also has rotating capabilities (25° left-hand and 40° right-hand swivel). This cab has all the features offered that come with the premium package plus a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The cab was designed to be a cab you look forward to working from.

Ultimate Cab Option


AutoTracTM was designed to make your workload less stressful and long days less exhausting. AutoTracTM is John Deere’s automated steering system that allows you to focus more on the working and less on driving. With AutoTracTM, you get straight rows, less overlap, and you can maximize inputs. Using this system helps increase productivity and minimize operator fatigue and stress.

e23™ PowerShift Transmission and Infinitely Variable Transmission

The choice is yours on John Deere’s 7R series tractors. There are two transmission options available, the e23TM PowerShift transmission and the Infinitely Variable transmission. The e23TM PowerShift transmission has 23 forward gears that are spaced 15% apart. The spacing of these gears ensures there you can select a speed that matches your operating conditions. The Infinitely Variable transmission allows you to change speeds smoothly anywhere from 164 feet per hour up to 31 mph.

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At Kibble Equipment, our goal is to satisfy your agricultural needs which is why we are selling John Deere’s 7R Series tractors. These tractors were designed to surpass your expectations and will do just that. For more information or to secure one of these machines for yourself, contact your local Kibble Equipment dealership in South Dakota.

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