John Deere Corn Head in Iowa

A John Deere corn head in action out in the fieldWhen you have an incredibly powerful combine, it’s only right to pair it with quality front-ends that can keep up. That’s where the 700C Corn Heads come into play. Built with durable materials, these corn heads were designed with the user in mind. With features dedicated to boosting the efficiency of your operations right here in Iowa, you’ll also get to enjoy lower costs and reduced error. More output and fewer costs? Sounds like a dream come true…

So, what makes these corn heads special?

You’ll always be in control. Each corn head includes hydraulically adjustable deck plates that allow you to continually change in order to keep up with changes in the stalk. Whether it’s changes in cob size or the crop conditions, you’ll be able to reduce ear loss and maximize your potential yield. This feature will also improve sample quality through minimized premature shelling and kennel damages. It’s time to have the upper hand against your harvest. 

A side shot of the John Deere corn head in action out in the fieldThere are two different stalk roll options when using the StalkMaster that are chosen based on crop conditions. When your corn harvesting conditions are drier, it’s best to use opposed stalk rolls. When conditions are more wet, the intermeshing stalk roll is the way to go. Whichever you find yourself with in the end, you’ll be taking advantage of lower power consumption (meaning more saved costs) and higher performance.

We know you’re good at what you do, but we also know how tiring staring ahead for hours on end can be. The AutoTrac RowSense feature is a great solution to increasing efficiency and lowering operator fatigue. This hands-free option will automatically guide the combine down each pass in the field using mechanical feelers installed on the corn head. Let’s start making operations more about you.

John Deere Corn Heads For Sale in Iowa

These John Deere corn heads are great for our farmers who are looking to take their operation up a notch. Want to learn more? Contact your local Kibble Equipment in Iowa and our experts will be happy to tell you more about these corn heads and how they can boost your harvest.

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