John Deere Greenstar Display in South Dakota

Customer using his John Deere Greenstar Display out on the fieldIf you are interested in maximizing your operation’s efficiency and increasing worker productivity, Kibble Equipment has the perfect solution for you right here in South Dakota. The Greenstar 3 2630 Display showcases all of John Deere’s innovative pursuits and technological advancements. With the ability to control a wide variety of applications, machines, and implements you’ll be able to gain more control of your operation. Let’s take a look into how this display can benefit you.


  1. Keep an eye out on everything. You can use up to three video inputs to allow for better visibility while operating large machinery. With multiple different ways to access the video, you can choose to loop through cycles of each video on your homescreen.
  2. Choose what you need, when you need it. The Access Manager allows you to lock your preferred settings, preventing them from being changed out in the field. The Layout Manager will let you set up your homescreen with the information that is most essential to your operation. 
  3. Gain better control of your machines. Several systems like SprayStar, SpreadStar and SeedStar give you the ability to control different functions such as seeding and application rates. You’ll also be able to collect data to become more informed so you can make the most out of your information. 
  4. Receive more accurate help from us. With the Remote Display Access built in, users with RDA and JDLink communication services will be able access your display screen in real time. This means that whenever you are experiencing a problem on your display, our experts can help you navigate through steps to help solve the issue without even having to be there in person. 
  5. No more user error. Long days of labor and focus can get the best of even the most experienced workers. That’s why the GreenStar 3 2630 Display has several different functions to keep user error from affecting your operation. The Field Locator will automatically recognize which field it is being operated to ensure the data is uploaded to the correct location. 

Kibble Equipment has several locations throughout South Dakota that are each equipped with dedicated staff to ensure you are given the best possible experience. Be sure to give us a call today and we’ll be happy to tell you about what all the John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display can do for you.

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