John Deere Hay Baler in Iowa

If you live in Northern Iowa and have a hay operation or harvest hay for livestock and horses, Kibble Equipment has the equipment you need. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment to have when you have a hey operation is a hay baler. The type of baler you need will vary depending on the size of your operation, the type of grass you are baling, and the purpose of your hay. At Kibble Equipment we carry both round and square balers.

Round Balers

With 12 round baler models to choose from, Kibble Equipment is prepared to present you with the baler that meets your baler needs. Round balers are our most popularly purchased balers because they are great for livestock operations. These balers make fast work of hay fields. We carry the following round balers: 449, 459, 459E, 469 Premium, 469, 559, 560M, 568, 569 Premium, 569, 960, and 990

On the 449-569 balers, the first number is the bale size width, the second number is the bale height, and the last number is the series number. For example, the 559 round baler makes a bale that is 5 ft by 5 ft and is a 9 series machine. These balers are John Deere’s tried and true models. They consistently produce bales you would be proud to show off. These balers are designed to keep you focused on lining up with the windrows while it takes care of the baling.


The 900 balers are part of John Deere’s newest 900 series and have several new and innovative features that help you produce high-quality bales. Some key features are the ability to adjust the chamber width and to control the drop floor in the baler from the cab to unclog crops. These balers’ high capacity rotor designs can handle high crop flow without slowing the baler down. The 900 series balers unload three times faster than other models.

900 Series Baler

Square Balers

Square balers are commonly used in hay operations where the hay is going to be fed to horses and for dairy operations. Kibble Equipment carries the 328, 338, 348 small square balers and the L340 large square baler. The small square balers have full-width feeding pickups that gather all the hay in heavy wide windrows. The closely spaced pickup teeth ensure the baler gathers all the hay possible and carries it to the auger which moves the hay to the bale chamber. These balers can be set up to use either twine or wire to tie the bales. The large square balers also have wide pickups that ensure maximum crop pickup. 

John Deere Square Balers

When purchasing a John Deere baler, there are a couple of things you can be sure of, one is that you will be very proud of your purchase, and two is you will be making some of the best bales on the market. For more information or help purchasing your John Deere baler, contact us or swing by your Kibble Equipment dealership.


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