John Deere Riding Mowers for Sale in Minnesota

Being able to maintain a well-trimmed lawn is a point of pride for most homeowners and it has never been easier to do so than it is now. With the wide variety of John Deere ride-on mowers available, you can pick the perfect one for your lawn. John Deere offers everything from a straight forward, no-frills riding mower to a fully decked out mower that can even run various attachments and implements for a total lawn tool. If you’re looking for John Deere riding mowers for sale in Minnesota, then come by Kibble Equipment today and check out the whole selection!

John Deere riding mower

John Deere mowers for sale in Minnesota

Starting with the basic E100 line, it’s easy to see why John Deere riding mowers are a cut above the rest. Even in the most pared-down model available, the E100 has 17.5 horsepower and a 42-inch deck. More than sufficient for the average lawn. But if you need a little more power or a bit wider deck, you can move up the E100 line and find something like the E180 that boasts a 25 horsepower V-Twin engine and a 54 inch Edge Mower Deck for all the cutting space and power anyone could need.

If you want to get a little fancier or need things like the mulch control or 4 wheel steering to help you get around landscaping better, then you can step up to the X300 and X500 lines. These capable riding lawnmowers from John Deere step up the power and functionality. You’ll get the same great reliability and function found in the E100 line, but with options like Mulch On Demand that lets you control your mulching operation with the touch of a button. Or the impressive Accel Deep Mower decks that are built to handle the thickest grass at higher mower speeds, so you can mow without slowing down. 

If you truly need the best John Deere riding mower on the market, then the X700 Series is the mower for you. These powerful mowers feature the best of what John Deere riding mowers have to offer. Powerful, 3 cylinder diesel engines provide gobs of power, while the hydrostatic, all-wheel-drive transmissions make sure all that power gets to the ground to provide the best traction and easy operation. Tons of options and various attachments are all available to help turn your mower into a complete lawn and garden tool. 

No matter what you need out of your John Deere riding mower, there is a model that perfectly meets your expectations. Drop your local Kibble Equipment in Minnesota to see what every model has to offer and work with our sales staff to find the perfect one for your lawn.

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