John Deere Round Baler for Sale in South Dakota

Your hay operation is only as good as the bales you produce, which is why John Deere makes round balers so good, you’ll have no reason to use any other baler. While the concept and function of a baler are largely unchanged with time, John Deere incorporates the latest in technology and innovation to take their balers above and beyond the competition. If you’re looking for John Deere round balers for sale in South Dakota, then drop by Kibble Equipment today!

john deere round baler

Hay production is largely a product of timing and having the right equipment that can take advantage of narrow production windows is a must. This is why new John Deere round balers have been set up with a MegaWide HC2 High Capacity feed system, which means you’ll be able to gather windrows that have gotten a little scattered. This system also precuts the hay as it enters the baler, meaning you may be able to completely eliminate the need for tub grinders, while still getting a high-quality crop every time. 

These balers also feature a hydraulic drop floor that helps reduce downtime by allowing you to operate in tough conditions. It also means that you’ll be able to clear plugs from the comfort of the cab, instead of having to get out and do it by hand. You’ll be able to clear plugs in a matter of seconds now, instead of spending up to a half-hour, like it used to take.

Our John Deere round balers also feature DiamondTough triple-weave belts to add much-needed reliability to the belt system of your baler. Most downtime in hay production is a result of torn belts, so John Deere has made these baler belts extra tough to protect against that. These belts also surround the entire width of the bale, making sure you get reduced crop loss and a more consistent bale. Impressively, these belts are also made to be self-cleaning during operation. This reduces crop build up that would otherwise result in inconsistent baling.

With every feature built to improve the uptime of your baler, speed up your baling process and improve the quality of your crop, there really is no reason to use any other baler than a John Deere round baler. Drop your local South Dakota Kibble Equipment today and talk with our sales staff about which baler is right for you.

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