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John Deere Tractor pulling.a 450E Round BalerWhen you’re running a hay operation, finding equipment that you can count on should be the least of your worries. You work long days, and you put your time and effort into achieving results you can be proud of. Why not let us take some of the responsibility off of you? 

John Deere offers Round Balers made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. With plenty of durable components and premium features, you’ll find the Zero Series balers to deliver exceptional performance. How so?

Let’s look into what makes our John Deere Zero Series Round Balers stand out from its competition.

  1. MegaWide System. Designed to take in more leaves and handle higher volume windrows, the MegaWide system works hard to achieve more output. After all, how could it not with a width of 71- to 87-inches? Its MegaTough teeth are almost twice the size of standard teeth, giving you the ability to handle anything. 
  2. Hydraulic Drop Floor. We know there’s a lot that can get in your way during operation. Our models that include the MegaWide HC feed system also include a drop floor that will clear plugs in just seconds. Getting out of the cab for minor inconveniences will bStudio Photo of a John Deere Round Balerse a thing of the past. 
  3. Drive System. Designed to increase efficiency and reduce downtime, this Drive System offers fewer drive chains than competitive round balers. Having fewer adjustments and less wear means that you won’t have near as much to worry about.
  4. Monitor Controller Options. With two different monitors offered, you’ll quickly find convenience to be a big benefit of these Round Balers. Both the BaleTrak Pro and the BaleTrak Plus are easy to use and easy to read. With a 24-hour bale shape indicator, you’ll find perfectly shaped bales to be the new norm.
  5. 30-Hour Service Interval. We know you like to work hard and we know how inconvenient it can be to stop for service. With a 30-hour service interval, you’ll be able to spend more time in the field and less time in the shop.

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It’s time to incorporate more than just hard work and energy into your operation. Use the latest John Deere technology to make your job easier and your output even better. After all, high-quality and user-convenience is John Deere’s specialty. 

Check out our website to learn even more about our Round Balers, and be sure to give us a call if you have any questions that need some answers. With extensive knowledge in hay equipment, we’ll be able to point you towards a solution you can be confident in.

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