John Deere Service in Minnesota

At Kibble Equipment, we recognize that buying equipment from us isn’t the end of our relationship. We are here to help you be a success in every aspect of your operation, from season to season and year to year. That's why we offer comprehensive service for John Deere equipment as well as a number of other brands. We’re here for you, even if your equipment isn’t green. If you’re looking for John Deere service, or any other brand, in Minnesota, then swing by Kibble Equipment today.

John Deere service

John Deere Service in Minnesota

Proactive Inspections

One of the best ways to stay on top of your equipment service needs is to proactively inspect and maintain it so that costly repairs aren’t necessary down the road. So we’ve created a Proactive Inspection program for your equipment, no matter how large or small. This involves a factory-trained technician inspecting all key wear points and parts, providing you a list of any necessary or suggested repairs. This helps you make repairs and catch problems before they become costly breakdowns. And if you can’t get your equipment into the dealership, we do offering hauling and we can make farm visits. 

Lawn and Garden Tune-Ups

For our homeowners, we also offer excellent tune-ups for your lawnmowers and compact utility tractors. This includes packages like our Snow To Mow package, which gets your mower ready for a long summer of mowing your lawn after either clearing snow or sitting in your garage. This includes sharpening blades, new fuel filter and spark plugs, engine oil change, and a number of other safety and performance checks and tune-ups.


For those of you who are more inclined to do-it-yourself when it comes to servicing your equipment, we also have parts available at every level for John Deere and a number of other brands that our parts department is happy to help you with.

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