John Deere Smart Farming in South Dakota

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in agriculture is the ability to harness the forward march of technology to improve efficiency, save money and get better yields. John Deere Precision Ag offers producers a huge amount of information and options to improve almost every function of their operation. Starting with global positioning, utilizing linking software and then collecting all that in an Operations Center, you’ll be able to take advantage of Smart Farming at every phase, from tilling to harvest. If you’re interested in John Deere Precision Ag and smart farming in South Dakota, then come see the experts at Kibble Equipment today!

John Deere precision ag

Global Positioning

Everything starts with the on-board global positioning systems included in most John Deere large ag equipment. You can add a receiver to just about any piece of equipment, as well, if you’d like to incorporate Precision Ag on your compact tractors or other brand equipment. Once your equipment is in communication with John Deere's satellite network and Kibbles local RTK network for added accuracy, you can use it to lay out lines in your fields that your equipment can follow season after season with accuracies up to less than an inch. This will prevent overlap in seeding, reduce crop damage in nutrient application and improve efficiency in harvest. 


JDLink allows you to use this global positioning to sync your equipment as well as remotely monitor machine performance. By using JDLink, you’ll be able to do things like line up your combine with your grain truck, monitor the rate and moisture content of the harvest, as well as how full the grain cart is. Your combines will even be able to share location data with each other, allowing multiple machines to operate on one field without overlapping each other. This network will also allow you to share data with your operations center, your dealer and other partners in your operation.

Operations Center

The Operations Center is a remote management software suite that allows you to monitor and, in some ways, control your machine’s performance remotely. By collecting all your data in one place, you’ll be able to track performance not just in real-time, but also see trends season to season to allow you to make more informed decisions about when, where and how to seed, apply nutrients and collect the harvest.

Technology can seem confusing but by using all the smart farming options available to you via John Deere Precision Ag, you can take advantage of technology's power and put it to work for you. Stop by your South Dakota Kibble Equipment location to find out how!

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