New D160 Loader

Frontier Implements
Key Features
  • Compatible with the 3032E and 3038E
  • Rigid mounted with parking kit available
  • Easy maintenance for increased uptime
  • 977 pounds (444 kg) of lift capacity

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End-of-pin lubrication - Easy maintenance
End-of-pin lubricationEnd-of-pin lubrication
Closeup of grease fittingCloseup of grease fitting
Grease pointsGrease points

All pivot points on the loader have grease fittings that are accessible from the side of the loader to make greasing the loader much easier, ensuring that all grease points are more likely to be serviced.  No more searching for grease points that are hard to find.  Removing the grease gun from the grease fitting is not a problem as sufficient radius has been left to allow the grease gun tip to be rotated to the side for removal from the fitting. 


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John DeereD160 Loader
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Model 3032E, 3038E
Front tire 25x8.50-14 4PR R4
Rear tire 15.00-19.5 4PR
Front axle configuration
Wheelbase 60 in.
1525 mm
Pump capacity 5.3 gpm
Rated pressure 2495 psi
Leveling configuration
Bucket used Materials
Bucket weight 93 kg
205 lb
Lift capacity at full height Measured at pivot (U)
1186 lb
539 kgMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (V)
845 lb
384 kg
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm) Measured at pivot (W)
1294 lb
588 kgMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (X)
977 lb
444 kg
Boom breakout force Measured at pivot (Y)
1704 lbf
760 kgfMeasured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (Z)
1204 lbf
537 kgf
Bucket rollback force capacity At maximum height (VV)
1433 lbf
639 kgfAt 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX)
1814 lbf
809 kgfAt ground-level line (ZZ)
1422 lbf
634 kgf
Dimensions Maximum lift height (A)
84 in.
2140 mmAt full height - bucket level(B)
78 in.
1979 mmAt full height - bucket dumped (C)
63 in.
1596 mm
Overall length (I+F), ft (m) 9.5 ft
2.9 m
Overall height in carry position (J) 5 ft
0.15 m
Digging depth (H) 5 in.
131 mm
Reach At maximum height (D)
24 in.
603 mmAt ground level - bucket level (F)
54 in.
1369 mm
Bucket angle Dump angle, degrees (E)
43.8 degree (angle)Rollback angle, degrees (G)
31.4 degree (angle)Dump angle, ground
122 degree (angle)
Cycle times Loader raise, seconds
3.31 secondsLoader lower, seconds
2.75 secondsBucket dump, seconds
1.75 secondsBucket rollback, seconds
1.88 seconds

Accessories and Attachments


61 In. (1550mm) Loader Materials Bucket - BW15863
Materials bucketMaterials bucket

Materials buckets are available to match tractor and loader applications.


May be used for loading dirt, gravel, feed, and light materials as well as scraping, digging, and other general purpose tasks.


IMPORTANT: Materials buckets are not recommended for heavy-duty tasks. For heavier use applications, use heavy-duty bucket.


Top surface of the bucket is parallel to cutting edge, which aids operator as a leveling guide.


Quik-Change connection for easy on and off.


Round-back design helps material flow when filling or dumping the bucket.


Text Free Decals for Export - BW16365


iMatch / Quik-Coupler Bushing Kit - BW15056

Hood Guards

Hood Guard - LVB25998
Hood guardHood guard

A hood guard can be ordered for a tractor without ordering a loader.


The hood guard protects the front of the tractor while operating the loader.


The bolt-on design stays with tractor when loader is removed.


Parking Stand Kit - BW15872

With BW15872 parking stand kit, the D160 Loader can now be quickly and easily removed from the tractor without tools.

The BW16127 parking stand kit allows for the D170 Loader to be parked from the tractor.


Instructions for attaching the loader


Instructions for detaching the loader


The kit includes the following:

  • Parking stands
  • Handled pins
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Quick-couplers
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
Parking stand installedParking stand installed
Quick disconnect hydraulics’ connectedQuick disconnect hydraulics’ connected
Boom pins installedBoom pins installed

Miscellaneous (Australia Only)

Anti Spill Kit - BW16288
Service Lock - BW16289


French North American operator's manual and decal kit - BW16397
Spanish North American operator's manual and decal kit - BW15835