Exact Emerge Retrofit Kit

Exact Emerge


Add the newest technology to your current planter 

ExactEmerge Row Unit Conversions make “Cents”

Each grower is different, but your goals are the same: 

To maximize yield potential.

Four planting outcomes can influence your yields:

1) Uniformity of Plant Emergence

2) Optimize your Planting Window

3) Achieve Optimum Population 

4) Reach 100% Singulation

Row Unit

Benefits of Upgrading your Planter with ExactEmerge:

  • Increase Productivity
    • Double the acres you can plant in a day with 10 mph planting and increase your chance of planting during the optimum planting window.
  • Improve Seed Placement and Singulation
    • A potential 9.5 bu/acre increase (Estimated 505 bu/acre increase with 99% or better sigulation plus an estimated 4 bu/acre increase by planting within the optimum planting window.)*
  • Cost Effective and Revenue Generating
    • Estimated 50% return-on-investment per year after the conversion kit is installed - Ask your Sales Rep how!
  • Provides a One Manufacturer Solution
    • Retrofit kits are installed by our Certified John Deere Technicians and backed by the Kibble Equipment Support Team. 
  • Increase the Trade-in Value on your planter
    • Invest in what you already have: Keep your planter, but increase it's value by upgrading all ground-engaging components to the latest technology. 
  • Use your Current Display Technology
    • Choose the display you are most comfortable with. Retrofit kits are compatible with your current display technology and new Gen4 4600 or 4640 displays. 
  • Conversion Kits are more Affordable than a New Planter

Financing Available. See your Sales Rep for lease & Term Options

*Potential bushels per acre increases based on findings from studies done by the University of Minnesota Extension Office.