Home & Workshop Products

John Deere Home and Workshop products give you the performance you need to get the job done. 

Air Compressors

Open up an entirely new toolbox with a powerful John Deere air compressor. Power up everything from air wrenches to drills, grinders and paint guns. You'll find a wide range of horsepower and capacity to suit your needs. And you'll get the satisfaction of a job well done with every task you complete.


Be prepared. If you've ever been without power, you know how important it is to be prepared to cope in those conditions. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, a backup generator can be a lifesaver. John Deere generators provide backup electrical power not only for small property and business markets, but also for large property owners and contractors who use them as virtual power plants. John Deere portable generators come in a variety of sizes, and every unit is CSA tested for safety.

Portable Heaters

Take the chill out of work and play. Weather shouldn't keep you from getting things done. With John Deere kerosene-fired space heaters, you'll get a seriously reliable heat source for large and small spaces.

Pressure Washers

Take on any cleaning project. For those who take cleaning seriously, John Deere offers a wide variety of light to heavy duty pressure washers. Our heavy-duty frame ensures that our washers won't vibrate and cause premature wear and tear. Plus, the new GatorPal™ washer is designed to fit in your John Deere Gator™ for cleaning in remote areas.

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