Proactive Inspections

We Inspect For The Unexpected!

You depend on your equipment for your livelihood, which is why it pays to protect it

What benefits do our inspection programs provide for you?

  • Factory trained professionals inspect all key wear areas
  • Detailed inspection list provided before any repairs are done
  • Saves time and money by fixing small problems before they become big
  • Helps minimize costly breakdowns in the field
  • Flexible No Payments/No Interest Programs for Farm Plan Preferred customers
  • Farm site inspections will also be available weather permitting.  This includes combines, tractors & seeding equipment. Mileage extra.
  • Washing Service is available - Call a location near you for pricing.
  • Hauling is  available - Call a location near you for pricing.
  • If you run bio diesel in your machines, make sure your last tank of the season is regular diesel. Bio diesel has a limited shelf life through the winter months.

If you are planning a winter inspection make sure your machines have fuel conditioner or #1 fuel in them for easier starting.

Preventative Inspections

Preventative Inspections

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