How Do I Log In To John Deere University?

  1. Login to Dealerpath.
  2. Click on "Training & Events" in the left menu bar. JDU will then be listed under Training Courses.
  3. You can add JDU to your Dealerpath favorites by clicking the star next to the link
  4. Favorites appear on your Dealerpath home so you don't have to search
  5. Click to open John Deere University (JDU)


  • When you complete a class, print out or take a picture of your score page when it appears.
    • You will have to retake the course if the JDU System has a problem and doesn't record your score. Your manager or IT can request an override and enter your score if you provide them with proof of completion. This happens fairly often, so we highly recommend this step.
  • Some classes have pre-requisites that must be completed.
    • For example, you must complete Hydraulics I before the system will allow you to being Hydraulics II.
  • Most web based classes are approximately 2 hours long.
    • To know the estimated time John Deere reccomends per class, click on the class title to learn more information on the class, the # of credits you will receive for completion, as well as the # of contact hours. Contact hours is the average lenth of the class.